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Portrait of Pirates

I just recieved my Portrait of Pirates Smoker figure *so shiny~!* and was thinking...

Who would you all like to see represented in this series?

If you're not that familiar with the Portrait of Pirates, click this thumbnail for all the characters that have been made so far: Nami (Skypeia), Luffy (Skypeia), Zoro(Skypeia), Sanji, Chopper/Usopp, Robin (Skypeia), Tashigi, Ace, Vivi (Arabasta), Nami (Water 7), Smoker and Belle-mere.

The one character I'd like to see more than all the others would probably be Buggy. I don't think they could make him all bara-bara'ed very easily, but he'd still be great to have.

I own Robin, Smoker, Zoro and Ace. ^_^;

EDIT: You can buy Belle-mere and Smoker from YesAsia!
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