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Portrait of Pirates

Portrait of Pirates

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I just recieved my Portrait of Pirates Smoker figure *so shiny~!* and was thinking...

Who would you all like to see represented in this series?

If you're not that familiar with the Portrait of Pirates, click this thumbnail for all the characters that have been made so far: Nami (Skypeia), Luffy (Skypeia), Zoro(Skypeia), Sanji, Chopper/Usopp, Robin (Skypeia), Tashigi, Ace, Vivi (Arabasta), Nami (Water 7), Smoker and Belle-mere.

The one character I'd like to see more than all the others would probably be Buggy. I don't think they could make him all bara-bara'ed very easily, but he'd still be great to have.

I own Robin, Smoker, Zoro and Ace. ^_^;

EDIT: You can buy Belle-mere and Smoker from YesAsia!
  • More than anything else, I want a Shanks figure. Oh my god. I still can't believe that they haven't come out with one yet, and have, what, two of Nami? My dream come true would be if they came out with a double of Ben AND Shanks. That would make my fangirling LIFE.
    • Ben and Shanks would be the greatest thing ever. Yassop and Roux would just sweeten the deal, but Ben and Shanks? ♥
    • it's sad to think but they probably wouldn't do two full-grown men together since they've only done two for Chopper and Usopp. Shanks with Chibi Luffy would be cute, tho~!
  • BELLEMEEEEEEEERE! And Vivi and Aaaaaaace!
  • Where can I buy any of these? D: Every online store I find is always sold out and has select figures, and ebay only once in awhile has one or two for outrageous prices. ;__;

    But yeah, I second Shanks.
    • They go out of print within about 6 months of release. yesasia.com still has belle-mere and smoker for a good price - free shipping too! my zoro i got was actually from a re-release of the first series.
    • Try anime palace ^_^
  • I love these - I have the full third set (Tashigi, Ace, and Vivi), and I still want the first Nami, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Belle-mere.

    I think they should make Shanks and Mihawk immediately. After that? Probably Calipha. But they do such a good job with these that just about anyone would be neat.
  • I need a Water 7 or a CP9 set of these. *kicks Megahouse*

    And yes, where did you buy your figures? I'd kill for a Zoro, Sanji or Robin, but they always seem to be sold out. D:
    • links to the only two i know you can get from an online store above.
      as for the rest, best bet is either at an anime convention - as stores might still have some in stock. i got robin in may at one and they also had vivi and usopp/chopper among others. OR ebay, but both will cost you an arm and leg. i don't want to tell you how much robin was because it's downright highway robbery ;.;
  • haha,i have Usopp and Robin 8) and soon Nami and Tashigi X3 hhiihihi. BUT I WANNA ALL OF THEM OuO
  • They need Jango and Fullbody. Like, as one figurine on the same base.
  • I have both Nami ones, and Ussop. And I bought my boyfriend the Sanji ^_^

    I WANT A FRANKY ONE!!! And a Mr.2 would be fucking sweet! Buggy would be cool too.
  • I want the Skypeia Zoro one.

    Warning to others: I ordered one from Toys n' Joys back in February.

    As you can guess, I have yet to receive it. The assholes cashed the check, though.
    • holy crap you should write to them and demand a refund!
      • Yeah, I went and did that. Still waiting on a reply.

        I should have got the figure when I got the chance. I didn't figure on them making a Tashigi figure, so I bought a Sanji and a Nami one instead. Now I have a Tashigi and she has noone to fight with.
    • (Anonymous)

      I, too, ordered four of these figures from Toys n' Joys. They mailed two and then backordered the others (encouraging me to purchase another item from their store instead). I ended up cancelling the two backorders, but they took ages to issue me a refund. I called them several times and e-mailed them every few days. They refunded one, but because of a "clerical error," didn't refund me for the other. It took me about 2-3 months to get them to refund both the cancelled items.

      If you check this company's record at the Hawaiian Better Business Bureau, you'll see that this type of situation isn't new or out of the ordinary. I don't recommend buying from them and if you have customer service issues, contact Alex Li, the store manager, directly if you can. Often. Over the phone AND by e-mail. ><;;;;

      On a more positive note, I do have all seven of the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi from this series. (I have the Water 7 Nami.) I absolutely LOVE these figures and they make an AWESOME display with all my manga. <3
  • ooh i want those so bad! especially rhe Zoro, Robin and Smoker ones <3
  • I want smoker so bad XD you're so lucky! i only have the sanji... i wish i could get a couple more but they're so expensive!
  • Totally sweet! I would kill to get a hold of Zoro and Sanji...
  • http://www.forceverte.com/animeha/photo/IMG_9654.jpg

    here buggy
  • I have all of the PoP released so far XDDDD
    I'd love to see a Franky and more of the important people from each of their pasts~ Plus villians like Smoker and Enel. That would be awesome XD (I think really I want way, way too many ;P)
  • Oh MY GAWD!!!! I wish I could buy that Smoker... those all look so awsome though!!!
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