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One Piece Community!

Gender-bending fun

Gender-bending fun

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one of those days
Since everyone else is pitching in for the chapterless week, I thought I would too. Been having fun lately gender-bending everyone while still trying to keep their basic personalities intact, which gets a lot harder turning the girls into guys, let me tell you. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

  • LOL. LOVED THEM. Specially Sanji ones xD. Brooke @ xD
  • You are amazing and now I must bow to you. Seriously, this skill? Fantastic.

    Also Sanji is so adorkable.
  • Oh shit the last Sanji one made me rofl. Poor male!Nami!!

    The first Sanji one was fucking hot, btw. DO WANT!!

    I liked everyone else too~ Brook was awesome, and the transitions for the girls into guys was cool!

    Oh God draw fem!Zoro/fem!Sanji and I will...have your children or something idk
  • I loved them all, though girl Usopp and lady Brooke were my favourites. I never realised until now how badly I need girl Usopp in my life!

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts

    That's perfect! XD

    You draw beautifully - they're all fantastic!

    And in-character! Thank you for sharing this!
  • Man, these are GREAT. xD Sanjie especially olol
  • Not gonna lie. I would tap Sanjiko.

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  • the "time of the month" is going to be sooooo scary on that ship XD

    these are amazing *hearts*

    fem!Usopp looks like his mom :D

    fem!Sanji looks very hot XD and male!Robin looks like a college professor or something XD

    ...and I can't help wondering just how they got fem!Franky to join...stole her bikini top?
    • Yeeeah, that's not a ship anyone will want to mess with from time to time. (Can you imagine Zoro, Luffy, or Sanji with huge mood swings? o_o)

      As for Frankie, I imagine they stole her bikini bottoms, just because I love the mental image of her striking a pose on the beach with the whole city watching, but that's me. ;)
  • I like them alot

    I liek the last one with Sanji and Nami the best :D
  • Lol at Sanji and Brooke. ALthough it may sound crass, I sort of thought Franky as a girl would have giant boobs - engineered of course.

    Super cute. Fem-Usopp has a bit of a Gadget from Rescue Rangers thing happening (does that reference make me old?)
    • Regarding Frankie's boobs, I thought of that, too. but then I thought about how Oda tends to draw women with really exaggerated figures anyway, and figured if I tried to inflate them any more, they'd obscure her face. So I just went with the arms. XD

      Fem-Usopp has a bit of a Gadget from Rescue Rangers thing happening (does that reference make me old?)

      Only if it makes me old, I was in junior high when that show was on.
  • Aaaaa, I love the way you draw! They all look so awesome!

    I'd tap male Robin, yep

    I really love what you did with Sanji. <3

    Chopper is adorable too! And omg, Brookette! (She tooted LOL)
    • Thank you, I'm glad you like them. (Is it sad that I made myself laugh while drawing Brook?)
  • Girl!Sanji is so...classy. And then she goes ga ga over Namizou! Ha ha ha!

    Awesome job. It looks like genderbending really has become popular since a certain "Miracle Worker" showed up, ne? ;)
    • I guess it has. XD It's something I've enjoyed doing for years in various fandoms, I'm really not sure why. However, none of my other fandoms had an actual canon reason for it being possible, so this is slightly different. ^^
  • I so love this! The only thing that could make it better I think would be a girl!Smoker. The girl!Sanji/male!Nami is hilarious!
    • I'd love to do some Marines, and Smoker would be fun to mess around with. ^^ And thanks, I'm glad you liked this. ^^
  • Awesome. Have you ever done a femme Crocodile? Ever since I heard Ivankov say he knows Croc's secret I can't help but wonder...
  • Sexswapped Sanji looks...supiciously like Hina, lol.
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