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Chapter 574 Spoilers

From mangahelpers:

Spoiler summary

Source: AP
Credits: Aohige_AP
Verification: CONFIRMED

Alright guys, the content.... nearly seems unbelievable.
But it's my motto to post based on the source, not based on content.
So here goes.... shocking Apprentice post.
I know fully well the fan community is going to go nuts.

02/08(月) 15:51
574話 ポートガス・D・エース 死す
(i/N02B, ID:3Paph00+0)

Chapter 574: Portgus D Ace is dead?!
The chapter starts with everyone astonished.
Garp tells Sengoku he better stop me now, or I will kill Sakazuki.
Sengoku does so. Marco and Vista attacks Akainu.
Akainu says Haki users eh? This is troublesome, and attacks Ace again. Jinbei stops the attack.
flashback of Ace and Luffy. Ace says he misses even someone like Dadan now, thanks for the love he recieved.
The vivre card burns out. Luffy is seen with expression never seen before. end.

We shall wait for kaze1028's photo to verify the post, but the post is 99% really there, and the right phone model.
So the question is, whether this really is Apprentice, or we finally have an imposter.... or we have to swallow this as truth.

The next few days are going to be a painful wait.

...PLEASE let those be fake. ;_; (Though this would make Luffy a FORCE. Also, GO GARP!)

More from Aohige: FROM

◆2GqVqHRvqs: I'm just writing this off my memory, sorry if it's wrong from the actual content. Well, you'll get the idea anyways.

574: Portgas D. Ace, is dead
Pirates: Ace is down!!!
The pirates seemed shocked, Whitebeard is pale, and doesn't say a word.

Akainu: He's still breathing?
Akainu tries to finish off Ace. Damn the bastard.
Jinbei cuts in between them, and is burned to crisp.
Jinbei: I've already thrown away my life!

Sengoku stops Garp.
Garp: You better hold me down, Sengoku!! If not... I may kill Sakazuki!!
Sengoku: you fool...!

Luffy: Ace!! You promised me you won't die!!
Ace leans on Luffy,
Ace: Sorry, you couldn't save me...

Marco is freed by Mr3, and Marco and Vista both attack Akainu.
Akainu: Haki users eh? Well that's troublesome... give up on Fire-fist, he's done with.
Marco can't deny that claim, and regrets letting his guard down

Ace flashback, people are cursing Gold Roger and his blood.
people: The final words of son of Gold Roger better be "I'm sorry I was born at all"!

Ace: I didn't want fame... I just wanted to know if it was ok for me to be born at all into this world...
Luffy: Ace!!
Ace: I'm sorry about **** (sorry, some name I haven't seen before, don't recall). If you weren't there, I don't think I would have wanted to live.
Ace: Oh yeah, if you see Dadan, ask him how he's doing. Even a guy like him... I miss him now.
Ace: I can't raise my voice anymore... Luffy, you tell everyone.
Pops.... everyone.... and Luffy...
Luffy: !!
Ace: Thank you for loving a do-no-gooder like me, a son of a demon like me.... thank you.

Whitebeard has tears in his eyes, remembering how he met Ace.
Ace falls to the ground, and the vivre card burns out.
Luffy: .....Ace?

Luffy cries with an expression never before seen in the manga.

Flashback to when they were little.
Ace: What are you crying for!!
Luffy: But Ace, I thought you died...
Ace: You idiot, how could I leave my own brother and die? I promise. I'll never die.

...Oh, damn it. This chapter. Will KILL me.

Small ETA: The spoiler has now also been confirmed by Nja, another trusted source. I'd say it's pretty much official.

ETA: Pictures!
Sorry, too tired to copy and paste everything, but pictures thataway. Note: View with caution - spontaneous crying fits may occur.
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