moonwater2334 (moonwater2334) wrote in one_piece,

Crossover fic - Utopia 1/?

I sincerely apologize for my mistake. I was hurrying and distracted and didn't realize until a moment ago that I'd forgotten the cut. *bows down* Sorry for the inconvience!

Fandoms - One Piece/Bioshock 2
Title - Utopia 1/?
Rating - M (violence and language)
Pairing - Straw Hat OT9
Summary - The Straw Hats, now sailing the New World, dock at a seemingly normal island. But Montauk is a name familiar to Robin, and a little exploration leads her to the abandoned home of one Mark Meltzer. From there, the Straw Hats follow the trail...

Warning - Major spoilers for the game and the OP manga.

Tags: fanfic
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