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Question: Usopp's outfit during Sabaody

I'm writing a fic which kinda follows onto the end of Sabaody arc (more or less picking up with Usopp on the Bowin Islands after the crew gets separated.) Okay, so it's a bit more complicated in the fic, but if you straighten the timeline out to chronological... close enough.

Anyway, I have a puzzlement about his outfit from that whole part of the series. Mainly the all-important sniper goggles. Are they a part of that outfit, or has he really substituted something else under that green and white bandanna he's got on? Because normally, you can tell he's wearing those goggles since they have the little headband with ear piece/stabilizer thingy...and the black circles around the rims... like in this pic...

and neither of those are there on the goggles from Sabaody outfit. (Are there holes cut into that handkerchief or...what? XD;;)

Clear example

Example two

So, is there anything said about this or does anyone know, if he's not wearing them, does he keep them with him in his bag? (Would that at least be a reasonable assumption?)

And what else do you think he keeps in that bag, anyway? Info you can back up, your logical guesses, whatever. Thanks
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