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Raise your hand if you're suffering from OP withdrawal! *raises all four hands and feets*

As a diversion for myself, and others, here's a list of fanfiction to soothe the craving. I haven't seen one on here, so! This is, so far, an FFN only list, as I haven't taken the time to look at other sites (mediaminer just IRKS ME for some reason). Feel free to post stories you think should be added!

I've got really high fanfiction standards, which means you'll only find stories with impeccable grammar, characterization, and plotline (or lack of) here. I usually only read really long stories, i.e. 100k+ words, although I try to look for shorter ones as well -- but for this list, I limited myself to 40k+. Not to say shorter stories aren't welcome! Eventually, I'll wade through the masses of gunk and put good oneshots/short stories in here. Which brings me to the reason I tend to stick to longer stories: VERY few Sue stories make it all the way to 100k. VERY FEW. Isn't that great? There are a few stories that I've read that, while technically good, didn't make it in here for some reason or another. I.e., stories with characters falling in love with each other at the drop of a hat, and the like.

Formatting order: I'll paste the link, rating, listed summary, and then put my own blurb about it.

The Tragedy of the Golden Wolf - rated M - Ace left something very important on Banaro Island... and she may be making an unexpected contribution to the new era. Ace/OC. Rated for sexual content/violence in later chapters.  

While this IS an AcexOC story, it's not horrendously bad. The only qualms I had with it were the squickier scenes. Overall, it's not a bad read. (unfinished)

Endgame: All Blue in Seven Courses - rated T - Sanji knew she would be trouble from the moment she stepped through his doors. Pink and blue finally collide in the Grand Line post-One Piece, and the buffet table will never be the same. SanBonney and ZoTash, with guest appearances.

Right now, this is a relatively short story, but really good. It's post-One Piece discovery, and while it has its moments of pure crack along with some angst, is an engaging read that will turn you on your head. (sadly, unfinished atm)


Kiss Kiss - rated T - Sanji meets a beautiful woman who actually loves him... and then his crewmates inexplicably start getting attacked. NOT SanjixOC. Expect violence and lots of angst. SaNa later, lots of general nakamaship.

A very well written story that will make you squirm in your seat. Can't give too much away. . .:) Lots of lovely nakamaship! (Complete!)


The Quest for the Gomu-Gomu no Mi - rated T - After being captured by enemy pirates, Luffy wakes up to find his devil fruit powers gone. Can he continue to be a pirate without them? Can he ever get them back? Will he want to? What about his crew?

I was like 'eeeeh' when I read the summary on this one, due to the excessive amount of 'omg wat if luff had liek dis devil fruit????' and other similar fics out there, and skipped it on my first few looks through the FFN archives. I finally checked it out, though, and WOW! This is a plausible,well written, perfectly characterized fic, with beautiful nakamaship. (uncompleted right now D:)


Room for Two - rated T - A crazy Devil Fruit puts Zoro's soul in a certain cook's body. Can Sanji get him back into his own body before his own soul is destroyed... or before the marimo drives him crazy? Nakamaship, multichapter, rated mostly for language.

Love this story. It's ZoSan nakamaship, which I find exceedingly little of. In addition, it's well written and an oodle of fun! (Complete!)


Misrepresented and Misunderstood - rated T - Smoker and Tashigi work closely together in their hunt for Zoro and the StrawHat Pirates, but how much do these three really know about each other? A lighthearted look at why you shouldn't believe everything you see.

This one is an interesting, fun ZoTash story that really works quite well. (uncomplete atm)


Deception - rated M - The grudge between Alvida and Coby is well known, but would one even recognize the other if they met? They meet on a small island, neither of them realizing who the other truly is, until one of them finally discovers the other.

This is an amazing story. Lots of Shakespeare mixed in with great characterization and an interesting plot. Some rape scenes -- could be worse, though. (Complete!)


Nitojutsu: Story of Two Swords - rated T - Captured and separated from their crews, Zoro and Tashigi must rely on each other to survive and escape. But whether they can survive each other is a whole different problem...

Another ZoTash story, with an interesting take on a worn out plot and great character interaction. (unfinished)


Genderly Challenged - rated T - The crew learns to never disrespect a feminist, intentional or otherwise, especially one with a certain ability. And they perhaps learn different lessons of their own. Never piss off a feminist, yo.

A pretty interesting story. The gimmick isn't iron solid, but it works, and works pretty well. A believable gender-bender fic. (Complete!)


Fairest: An Untold Story - rated T - Since the beginning of One Piece, she has been one of the most scorned and disrespected characters of the whole story, but now we are led through a strange and corrupted tale of revenge, forgiveness and beauty, along with a pairing never written before.

This is a really good story. It stars Alvida, and is well written and compelling. This story makes you like and feel bad for someone who's essentially a flat villain in the series. (Complete!)


The Black Pearl - rated T - Still another man calls himself the Pirate King, but things get more serious when he sends Mihawk, Shanks and Zoro to another world, in the Caribbeans... and everything gets even more confused when they meet with a certain Jack Sparrow.

This is another story I was 'eh' about, because the summary isn't terribly strong. I decided to take a chance, though, and this time I was not disappointed. The story is interesting, fun, and quirky while managing to capture the characters quite well. (unfinished)


Stronger - rated T - The Straw Hat Pirates are off to Skypeia... but the Marines left in Alabasta have got their own problems, and Tashigi has very nearly reached the end of her rope. A Marine-fic.

An interesting story with Tashigi at the center (and, gasp, no Zoro). Really interesting, develops Tashigi's character quite well. (unfinished)


Does anyone else see a MASSIVE increase in Luffy's bounty incomin' any moment now? I mean, he punched out a Tenryuubito, broke out of IMPEL DOWN (AKA HELL AKA NOBODY LEAVES) and helped trash Marineford, during which the people on top saw just how dangerous Luffy could be, plus Whitebeard leaving his whole armada to Luffy...

Seriously. If his bounty doesn't go up at least a little, (400,000,000, maybe, hoping for 500,000,000, or maybe even just double his current one) I'll eat my words. 

(man this post is a beast, I hope I'm not breakin' rules)

I'm looking for someone willing to beta-read a One Piece story for me. It has OCs (hopefully not Sues) and will probably be quite long if I can stay motivated. I make very few mistakes with grammar and punctuation, etc -- I just need someone to make sure I'm keeping the characters in character.
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