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squee is a universal language

Chaos Thread Invitation <3

A bunch of us have been dealing with the lack of One Piece by creating fic and art for a Chaos Thread, and we'd love to have more people come join us!

Feel free to jump right in!

  1. Pick a prompt
  2. Write/draw something!
  3. Include the prompt in your subject line
  4. Add a prompt of your own at the end of your fill
  5. Post!
  6. Repeat from step 1~
And - that's it! Multiple replies to the same prompt is not a problem, anony-posts are fine, and it's all about fun! \o/

Everyone's invited, old friends and new, and non-writers are more than welcome to stop by and leave random squee. ♥ Feedback is love!

Caution: spoilers for everything up to and including chapter 588. So far there are no warnings for any of the content (unless one counts angst) - anyone is free to write anything, but please be considerate and include appropriate warnings!

Up to date as of June 20, with the thread at 49 comments.

☆ fic & art
♥ inspiration

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