January 6th, 2010

Ash and Infernape

At last!

Just a reminder to American manga fans: The speed up had officially begun!

Volumes 24-28 were released today, and 5 more volumes will be released the first Tuesday of each month till June! Thank you VIZ! 8D
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Which one?

Heyas fellow One Piece fans! I'm new to the community here on LiveJournal but I've been a fan of the series for four-ish years, however after the lack of monthly releases in the manga in my local bookstore, I stopped reading or watching the show.

However, as of late, I've grown an interest for the series once again. However I do not have the time for both the manga and anime. So to save time I've decided to follow only the manga or the anime, but I'm not sure which would be better. So I've come posing a a question. Which would you recommend I follow if I had the option of following only one, the manga or anime?

Thank you guys so much!
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Frozen - sisters

Oh, shoot.

I think Anime Season removed One Piece from their list, and they were the only source of the anime for me. =( No wonder I wasn't seeing any episode updates, I think they halted after episode 432.


And please don't ask me about the manga because I currently don't have the time to get caught up on it.
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