January 23rd, 2010

Chopper fanspazz

Episode 435 Discussion (+ Quick note on US Shonen Jump)

BEFORE ANYTHING: It's a MIRACLE guys. One Piece has a longer manga-section in this month's (Being March cause subscriptions come uber early) American Shonen Jump than Naruto does.Or Bleach. No offence to either manga, but man that just makes me so happy guys. 8')

Between Funi's simulcast and the speed up it feels like One Piece is finally getting a happy ending to the hard struggle it's had getting respect in the States. I know it's selling well too. I went to the bookstore again recently and the older volumes were sold out and the newer ones taking up a lot of the featured stock shelves in the manga aisle. *fistpump*

Oh, and April's issue is gonna have a Sniperking/Sogeking sticker. If it's anything like the one in volume 24, which seems to be the case, it's pretty huge, so just a heads up to non-subscribers if they want it.

But anyways, episode discussion! I really liked this week's. 8D

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