February 3rd, 2010

Hirata Hiroaki as Sanji

Help. . .

 Hello. Who here can link me to a good quality animation of the Dragonball X One Piece where they were battling Eneru in Tokyo? I'll try to make a fan art of your suggestion as a thank you (if you want). :D

Thanks very much! ! ! (Delete if not allowed)


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Title: Looking Good in Tights
Rating: T [ for swearing ]
Characthers: Ace, Thatch
Pairings: Depends on how you look at it. XD
Prompt: Superheroes
Warnings: Pure Ridiculous making

A/N: So this is for felonypenny and this was the first request I got for my meme [http://catiprojectc.livejournal.com/24317.html ] She wanted an Ace/Thatch and the prompt she gave me was Superheroes. I didn't make them in a couple way or anything, but I still hope she likes it. I think this wasn't what she meant with the prompt and that I screwed up.

Summary: On the Whitebeard pirate crew, it's best that you never lose a bet. And even when you don't bet, it's still best to never be around when they do.

Looking Good in Tights | Ace and Thatch | T
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