February 19th, 2010


 ....Considering that I've seen other entry posts with one piece icons I am assuming that this is allowed then so...

*ahem* Nice to meet you all, you can refer to my as Rinny or Rin if you'd like or just refer to me as "random girl over there."

I am currently new to livejournal and I have posted up some one piece icons of Sanji which I have wanted to share with you all. 

So, if I still doing this right, here are a couple of samples and below them is the link for the rest of the icons.

If you have any advice as to how I can improve on them, or if you think I should make some more, or just never do this again, then feel free to comment with anything you have in mind as I would love to hear whatever words you have to spare.

Otherwise, a pleasure to make your acquaintance again and I hope to talk to my fellow one piece fans further on this community!

So, enjoy the gifts and just remember to give credit if snagging one or two~


Rest of the icons here @my livejournal
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