April 13th, 2010

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Fic link

*shields her eyes to avoid spoilers* If anyone's interested in a story with plenty of wangst angst-laden drama, character exploration, lots of talking and little action, you might want to check out my newest finished fic, the two-parter "Opening the Box". Featuring Sanji and Usopp, it chiefly focuses on Usopp's supposed negativity.

I've been inspired by a bunch of people, some of whom are acknowledged on my LJ at the top of Part One.

Nitpicks and other kinds of constructive criticism is very much encouraged.

Title: Opening the Box
Rating: PG for language
Genre: Wangst Angst, drama
Characters: Usopp, Sanji
Spoilers/setting: Post-Thriller Bark, pre-Sabaody
Summary: After Usopp happens to let slip a worrying line, the already concerned Sanji is determined to get him to open up and talk about things. But is that really such a great idea?

Part One
Part Two