May 1st, 2010

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One Piece meta: What the Strawhats know of each others' pasts and dreams

This is a repost of something I posted a good while back on my LJ. It only occurred to me belately that maybe people on this comm might be interested as well.

This has to do with what we know that the Strawhats know about their crewmates' pasts and dreams. I've gone through the manga to refresh my memory on this, but no doubt I've missed some relevant details. Corrections and additions would be great, as well as other comments of course.

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Early 583 spoilers

Normally I'd be suspicious of spoilers this early, but it's the issue after the Golden Week break, and they've been confirmed at Arlong Park with pics. So here they are.

EDIT: Now with translated script, thanks to Aohige at Arlong Park, and a new pic

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