May 5th, 2010

Luffysmile, Luffy

05.05 is Children's day..

okay, I'm feeling a bit self-conscious making that kind of post because usually I'm more the silent-lurker kind.. but I've been waiting all day *hops around impatiently*

Today I've been in an extra-good mood ever since I glanced at the calendar this morning. It's the 5.5. and you know what that means! The birthday of our silly, always-hungry, rubber-for-brain but sometimes strangely wise, beloved Captain, or better the future Pirate King! Words can't express how much I love him <3,

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So let's celebrate together with your wishes, fanart/fiction/videos (unfortunately.. I haz nothing!... yet) and recalling YOUR favorite Luffy-moments~~~!! (but keep the spoilers at bay, I haven't been reading for a while -_-)
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