May 25th, 2010

i made a small bet - one piece

Fic - Thursday

I knew I'd end up writing fic for this damnably adorable arc. not that fic.

Fandom: One Piece
Title - Thursday
Pairing: Sabo/Ace/Luffy
Summary: Ace and Luffy visit High Town once a week, every week for seven years. AU
Word Count: 2870
Rating: NC-17 (read the warnings, please)

Warning: Features underage Luffy (14), and badly written porn. Spoilers for all of the current arc, but especially 585.

His heart was sore and split in two.
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Shonen Jumps Chapter 549.

Okay so I just read English Shonen Jump's translation of chapter 549. And about Buggy and Shanks 'relationship' is different. Granted there are probably many other differences that I really haven't noticed. This one stuck out to me the most.
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....... Who's more right?
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