June 17th, 2010



Raise your hand if you're suffering from OP withdrawal! *raises all four hands and feets*

As a diversion for myself, and others, here's a list of fanfiction to soothe the craving. I haven't seen one on here, so! This is, so far, an FFN only list, as I haven't taken the time to look at other sites (mediaminer just IRKS ME for some reason). Feel free to post stories you think should be added!

I've got really high fanfiction standards, which means you'll only find stories with impeccable grammar, characterization, and plotline (or lack of) here. I usually only read really long stories, i.e. 100k+ words, although I try to look for shorter ones as well -- but for this list, I limited myself to 40k+. Not to say shorter stories aren't welcome! Eventually, I'll wade through the masses of gunk and put good oneshots/short stories in here. Which brings me to the reason I tend to stick to longer stories: VERY few Sue stories make it all the way to 100k. VERY FEW. Isn't that great? There are a few stories that I've read that, while technically good, didn't make it in here for some reason or another. I.e., stories with characters falling in love with each other at the drop of a hat, and the like.

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Does anyone else see a MASSIVE increase in Luffy's bounty incomin' any moment now? Collapse )

Seriously. If his bounty doesn't go up at least a little, (400,000,000, maybe, hoping for 500,000,000, or maybe even just double his current one) I'll eat my words. 

(man this post is a beast, I hope I'm not breakin' rules)

I'm looking for someone willing to beta-read a One Piece story for me. It has OCs (hopefully not Sues) and will probably be quite long if I can stay motivated. I make very few mistakes with grammar and punctuation, etc -- I just need someone to make sure I'm keeping the characters in character.