June 23rd, 2010


 Hey! Where is ANYthing? No pre-scans, no spoilers this time? It's wenesday already (for 4 hours here) and still nothing, and like - ANYWHERE? C'mooon, don't be like that! It's been two weeks already! 
I have urgent need to feed my inner otaku or it will go rampage! T^T

...Because there IS new OP chapter this week, RIGHT?
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One Piece Manga Scanlations - A moral and legal issue

I was thinking about this 'problem' we fans seem to be facing regarding a crackdown by publishers on scanlations.

Regardless of how this shakes out, whether the publishers fight to protect their authors and property from what amounts to grand theft, or if scanlaters continue to feed a constantly growing demand, now might be a good time to make a change and stop getting manga from unofficial channels.

Here's my reasoning.

A couple of years ago I stopped downloading mp3s because sources like i-tunes came along and made it possible to get a song at a time, preview music, etc. The music industry provided the content online, themselves.

Last year I stopped downloading episodes, firstly because I got a cease and desist from my cable company courtesy of Toei Animation that made me feel like a jerk. Now that One Piece episodes are available online weekly, subbed, from Funimation, downloading them is no longer necessary (edit: for those who live in North America). The video distributors provided the content online, themselves.

I hope that Jump/Shueisha gets something going for One Piece online where English speaking fans who want the latest chapter as soon as they can get their hands on it can do so legally. For example I read new, weekly chapters of Kyōkai no Rinne in English on the official Shonen Sunday site. It's a great source and I have no complaints. This manga publisher provided the content online, themselves. If I could get One Piece this way I'd be a happy little fangirl - not only because I'd feel better about it morally, but also because their site is a touch safer from malware/adware/bogus advertisements etc than the scanlaters are. I want to believe that it is only a matter of time before Viz takes this route. If not, at least the tankoubon are being release more quickly than they were previously. Volume 55 is due out in October.

I already support Oda-sensei in my little way by buying the English printed manga from Viz. I have only one more batch to go before I'm caught up with the 'speed up' (which was a great idea on Viz's part but still expensive to purchase some many volumes at once!).

I think that I am going to be proactive in this and stop checking for chapters online. However, this means that I will probably have to stop participating in online fandom so that I don't get spoiled ;.; I think that at more than 33 years of age that it is a choice I should make. I am not preaching that everyone should make this change, just putting it out there that it is an option - one that I am probably going to take. I've been on this community under other lj user names for many years. It's been fun and I wish everyone the best. I will be back when and if Viz/Shueisha decides to officially release weekly scanlations themselves.

What are everyone's thoughts on the subject?