June 27th, 2010

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STILL FOR SALE!!!! (June 30th)

One Piece DVD Boxes (the ORIGINAL ones by FUNimation. The are RC1 and NO BOOTLEGS.)
Please keep in mind that the season dividings from FUNimation are a bit strange ... season 2 box 7 concludes the filler arc that followed Arabasta.

I'm selling:
Season 1
Box 1-4 (complete)

Season 2
Box 1-7 (complete)

All DVDs are in very good condition (they can be played without any problems), the boxes are in very good condition as well, good as new, except for Season 2 Box 4. One of the DVD cases from that box got crushed a bit, but you can't really see it when it is boxed up. The DVDs itself are fine (will, of course, send pictures if anyone is interested in it).

PM/mail me your offer (mail adress: lexpeters@web.de) or just comment here if you're interested. I woud prefer to sell each season together, but of course I'm also selling all boxes individually if you only want a few singles.

Please keep in mind that I'm from Germany (for shipping).
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