July 3rd, 2010

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Had this fic idea a while ago now and it would not leave me alone until I finished it up. My angst anti-venom, because I'm way too much like Robin for my own good.

Let's Not Lose Our Heads
All Straw Hats up to and including Brook. Mainly Usopp and some Luffy featured, though.
Word Count:
4k, almost exactly
The Straw Hats get executed, starting with Luffy. Usopp, digging his own grave, (haha) narrates the ordeal. Oneshot. This is a comedy. (No, really!)

"You sick, depraved man! You are a blotch on this good world!"
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i made a small bet - one piece

One Piece fic - Ash

I didn't write anything for a month, and then 589 inspired me to continue my Sabo AU. I wanted to finish before 590 came out but that didn't happen.

Fandom: One Piece
Title: Ash
Characters: Sabo, Luffy, Robin, Hancock, Jinbei, Law
Summary: Sabo and Robin arrive at Amazon Lily. Sequel to Smoke and Fire.
Word Count: 3592
Rating: PG-13 (cursing, slight violence)