July 12th, 2010

i believe in sherlock holmes

A little drabble fic late at night?

Title: Liar, Liar
Character/s: Luffy/Nami
(Words:) 774
Rating: PG
Warnings: First serious take on this pairing, so perhaps some OOC?
Disclaimers: One Piece isn't mine
A/N: Written for my sister's birthday as she wanted something with this pairing. I hope I didn't fail her.... >_>
X-posted to op_songfics as it is a songfic for Bryan Adam's "I'm A Liar"

Maybe I told you right from the start; you can have me, but you can't have my heart

OP - NamiVivi

Calling OP yuri fans!

Just a post to let any yuri fans know that the community onepieceyuri100 has a new prompt ending on Friday and we want your entries! The community has been a little dead for a while now and we're attempting to get it up and running.

The topic this week is bitter, so if you feel your femslash bunnies hopping, please come and join us!
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Selling OP Merch

Figures I am selling: (pictures are clickable)

WCF SW Version: Robin, Nami (SOLD), Sanji and Zoro
(not Luffy)

Robin might be a little lopsided when placed on the stand with both feet, but that could be my imagination.
All figures are originals in perfect condition and come with their boxes (+sticker).

P.O.P. MILD Luffy - Mugiwara Theater (the little guy on the far right)

Original, perfect condition and comes with the box (+sticker).

GLM Shanks and Mihawk
(not Luffy and Ace)

As you can see I cut their pegs off, so they stand without the huge black base (and they stand perfectly fine, mind you). Aside of that, there's nothing worth mentioning ... they are originals, complete with boxes (+sticker) and, if you wish so, the black base (yes, I kept them) :D

GLM Dragonball Luffy (the Luffy figure on the far left holding a dragonball ... duh)

Original, perfect condition, base included (the pegs are on the base for this one, so I didn't cut off anything) + box with sticker.

If you are interested in any, PM or mail me your offer.