July 20th, 2010

Introductions And An Annoucement

Hi! I think it's always proper to introduce myself after joining a community.

I have many favorite pairings (mostly yaoi, some het), I thinking of buying the omnibuses because the mangas would take too much time and money for me to collect (money which I hardly ever have!), I'm currently reading the manga online until I get the first four omnibuses because I'm flat broke, I like all of the mugiwara pirates equally and my favorite One Piece villain is Rob Lucci (*blush*).

well that should do for an introduction...now for my announcement.

I am currently holding manga artist tryouts on my journal. requirements for trying out are as follow
  1. You must be good at digital art and
  2. you must be good at drawing manga
for more details visit my journal nekogirl29  and check out the journal entry "Help Wanted! Looking for Artist".

Thanks for listening! hope we get along real well.
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