August 1st, 2010


Fic Series

Hey everyone,
I used to be really active here (does anyone remember? It's been a long time). Here's the links to a fic series I wrote, and have finally started working on again. Enjoy!

Title: Rumours
Rating: Mostly PG-13
Pairings: Various
Summary: Started in answer to a challenge. "High school AU. Sanji, cool delinquent, transfers in from the tech school renowned for its troublemakers. Pair him up with Usopp or Zoro however you please."

Parts 1-3 (Usopp=>Sanji, Franky, Robin, Shanks, Nami, Luffy)
Part 4  (Usopp, Sanji, Ace, Nami, Vivi, Kohza)
Part 5
(Usopp, Sanji/Zoro?, Chopper)
Part 6 (Zoro)
Princess (Vivi, Kaya)
Everyone Hates Practice (Usopp, Sanji, Vivi, Ace, Luffy, Nami)
Lines (Usopp/Kaya)
First Love (Nojiko=>Ace, Nami, Luffy)