August 5th, 2010


Emotions and One Piece

I was just listening to the newest OP theme, and it struck me to ask this question.

How many of you have actually cried at some point while you were reading/watching One Piece? When/where? Were you watching the anime, or reading the manga?

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What about you? What emotions (if any) has OP evoked?

Fanfction: Permit us to be Pirates

Title: Permit us to be Pirates
Chapter: 1/??
Rating: T
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: ZoroXOC
Summary: Rain has no idea what she's got herself into when she joins the Straw Hat Pirates, and their world full of adventure. But, Rain is not everything she makes out to be. This is the One Piece adventure with a twist.

~ I've already been posting this fanficiton on, but I'd like to share it here too :) I'm currently revising the chapters and will pos them as I finish them.

Here @ permit_pirates 

Luffy Flag

Strong World

So! I just finished watching Strong World the other day and I DLed the soundtrack. This has probably been asked before but.. where's the song by Mr. Children on this?! And also, the song that plays when all the Straw Hats are being introduced with their bounties, what song is that?! I would forever be in debt to you fine One Piece fans if some one was in the know how.