September 6th, 2010

Sanji x Nami 003

A Force Against Inertia - Chapter 13

Title: A Force Against Inertia
Chapters: Prologue + 13 Chapters
Rating: R
Pairings: None, future installments will have pairings
Summary: Tesla and crew make landfall and run into someone of interest.

This is actually posted kinda late-ish - it's been on my LJ for a while I'm just 99% positive I haven't posted it in any of the LJ comms I've been posting it to. If I already did, my apologies to the mods.

But being told they couldn’t land on an island? There had better be a damn good reason for it.
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Fic: Music Box [Sanji&Usopp].

Title: Music Box
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Sanji&Usopp
Warnings: Language, circumstantial slash (I mean, if you're stuck on an island long enough... these things are bound to happen), some slight dubcon.
Summary: Sanji and Usopp, castaways on an island. A piratical descent into madness. For the au bingo square Others: Castaways.

They eat the mussels raw, standing knee-deep in the water. The mussels are slimy and chewy, and they slink down Sanji's throat like a good, sweet drink, pooling in his stomach. They eat more and more, tearing off their fingernails as they dig the mussels' shells off the reef. They eat mussels until they're sick, and full, and their bellies are distended.

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