September 12th, 2010


FIC RECS!!!!! *One Piece deprived*

 Ok, since the manga is on a month break, and I realise I truly cannot survive no OP for even one week , I need some distractions!

I'm looking for FIC RECS!!!!!!

To be specific, I'm looking for LONG, GEN, and just plain ADVENTURE and hopefully completed stories. No romance preferably, I was hoping for more plot driven, but the characters must be IC no angst overload please!. To be short, just some story that is similar to OP's canon plot in general (so yeah, just adventure and fun!). I generally read oneshort crack fics and zosan in the past, so yeah, it probably means I won't have much from this type of fics, so suggest away XD

Thank you all very much for your help!!!!

p.s btw, is there any good Ace-centric or Ace-and-Luffy-brother-relationship-centric fics around?