September 15th, 2010

P.O.P sale agian 40~50% off

Did anyone post this yet?

Some POPs are on SALE at HobbySearch, 40~50% off

MegaHouse POP Crocodile 3400y  (50% off)
MegaHouse POP SW Brooke 4080y (40% off)
MegaHouse POP SW Sanji 3420y (40% off)
MegaHouse POP Tashiji 2,500 (50% off)

Credits for find the sale goes to Kzuki from

Crocodile is sold out, but keep checking cause some times they find more stock
i believe in sherlock holmes


Okay, I was browsing through my friends list and it produced this totally awesome post: Fanart-that-looks-drawn-by-a-five-year-old contest, and the name itself explains most of the important things already, no? It's a mulit-fandom feast, every fandom is more than welcome. There are actually no hooks, and there is even a NC-17 category.

They asked to pimp it out, so go ahead and spread the One Piece Love!