September 20th, 2010

Robin running away

[One-shot] Serenity

Title: Serenity
Summary: Nakama is a very rare treasure to have. One of the peaceful days on the ship, even so - there's never real peacefulness when such strong individuals are present. One-shot. Post-Thriller Bark.
Pairings: Usopp/Nami, maybe more. Only pure nakamaship~.
Genre: K+, Friendship/Humor.
Disclaimer. Oda's.
Dedication: To the people I cherish and helped me in some way. To all those I have in my heart. For being there.
A/N: I wrote it while listening for hours, and hours more, non-stop Eminem&Rihanna "Love the way you lie." *obsessed* Nice to meet you all! First timer here~!*bows* xD
Word count: 3,616.

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Grand Countdown Seiyuu Interview

For the four weeks One Piece is on hiatus, Shounen Jump is publishing random One Piece stuff every week, and calling it "Grand Countdown".

This week, the most interesting content was an interview they did with six of the seiyuu about their thoughts on what would happen next.

The original interview with translation (courtesy of shayera) is up in my LJ, here, for anyone curious to read it!