October 6th, 2010


Help me find a reliable site for free anime-viewing?

I tried Anilinkz but it generally uses megavideo and I'm not a premium member so it sucks -> limited time.

One Piece is licensed in Animea. The videos in Animecrazy stop a few minutes before the episodes end [I have to refresh T_T) and it also takes a lot of time for them to start. I can wait for them to buffer while I pause the videos but the problem is that starting the video itself takes even an hour!

Help me? THANK YOU! <3

P.S. I don't download the episodes because I don't have enough space~ ^^;;;

EDIT: Watchop has some problems, too. ;_; The visual aspect of some videos is slower than the audio. [IDK how to explain that better. ^^;] Some videos are cut short, too -> you'll know because the episodes end abruptly while one of the characters speak and the like.
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