October 19th, 2010

These familiar streets

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  Title: These Familiar Streets
Pairing: Zoro X Sanji, Luffy X Nami
Setting: Modern day Kyoto
Rating: M
Chapter: 5
Summary: After almost three years in Tokyo, Sanji now returns to Kyoto to fight in that war again. Problem is, now he also has to face the lover and the life he left behind.
Thanks to: My beta unseen_daydream  

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CHAPTER 601 SPOILERS [unconfirmed]

My friend shared this link to me:

Enjoy? ^^;

[EDIT] LOL. I thought it was a fake, too.
My guy friend sound so convinced. I told him that it was too early and there's no source or image there. So it's still unconfirmed. Also, it sounded too outrageous for just one chapter. XD [The "prediction" part was suspicious since spoilers must not be fake.]
He didn't reply after that, though. :|