October 20th, 2010


made a community, primarily because I personally needed it.


I'm going through the anime yet again and I keep having comments and squees I desperately want to make... But didn't want to spam here.


Artist Wanted For Fan Comic

for those of you who keep up with my journal post may already know what this is about, but if not here's the deal...

I'm looking for an artist for a One Piece fan comic I'm working on. it will be posted on smackjeeves.com (I was going to use comic genesis, but I wasn't sure how strict they are about doujinshi so I went with smack jeeves instead) and I will be doing the scripts for it since I'm a bit of a mediocre artist myself.

The story is called "Children of Legend" and it takes place twenty years after the original One Piece.

long story short takes a deep breath:

Luffy becomes the new pirate king, has a family on amazon lily (and No! Hancock is not the mother, just so you know), the marines find out about the kid, Luffy sends his thirteen year old daughter to live with Shanks for safety and takes the One Piece to a new location.

takes another deep breath:

months later, Luffy is taken to lougetown to be executed and his last dying words start a new pirate era, his now seventeen year old daughter is in east blue to look for members for her own crew and to become the first queen of the pirates.

and that...is Children of Legend in a nutshell. any questions?

*phew!* anyway...to apply for the position of doujinshi artist for my story, please leave a comment on this post along with a link including an example of your work. it can be a deviant art link or whatever, when I find an artist I like I will make an announcement on this post saying who will be chosen to work with me on my online doujinshi.

and don't worry, I'll try not to cop out of this project early in development.

Bye For Now
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