November 26th, 2010

old man and the sea
  • hsiuism

SRP Week 2: Gradual Recovery

(A little early, but...)

Welcome to the Sanji Rehabilitation Project (SRP), Week 2! Every contribution gets Sanji-kun one step closer to total recovery! One Piece women, with anyone, doing anything, anywhere. It's the perfect time to show off fashions on the Grand Line, or follow the characters as they run errands, go on vacations, get together with friends, tend to affairs of state, pursue a hobby or sport, or lounge about at home. What are all the girls up to these days? Sanji wants to know!

Week 1 was a huge success! Sanji is now standing up all on his own and can talk to hot women in long overcoats with no blood-loss and only occasional incoherence. Naked marine life, however, still pose a problem. Let's keep up the good work! For Week 2, Sanji's challenge is to rehabilitate himself to figure-hugging clothing, cropped pants and knee-length skirts, short sleeves, and even exposed collarbones. A little modest, yes, but a steady pace is what Sanji needs if he wants to avoid a relapse.

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