November 29th, 2010

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Manga bloggers focus on One Piece

Just wanted to let people know that the Manga Moveable Feast is going on right now with a focus on One Piece. This is a monthly event where a bunch of blog reviewers (apparently all connected through Twitter?) all write about the same manga. It started yesterday on the 28th and will continue until Saturday. The initiative comes from David Welsh, and the posts that have been written so far can be seen on his site on this Day One post, which will be continuously updated edit: while new posts will be added on Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh's blog site/edit. (I read his blog regularly, so that's how I found out about this.)

Keep in mind that these posts are/will be written for a general manga-reading audience*, not just One Piece fans, so there will likely be lots of things we know already - but at the same time, there may also be interesting new perspectives for the same reason.

* edit: or at least that's what I thought at first, but I see now that at least some bloggers seem to assume those reading it have read at least East Blue arc already, as in a book club. Other posts do seem to be more generally directed, though.

Edit as of December 6th: In case anyone tracks back to this post, here's a handy link to all the entries for the MMF on One Piece!