December 4th, 2010

sakura and a smoke
  • hsiuism

Sanji Rehabilitation Project - Week 3

Welcome to the Sanji Rehabilitation Project (SRP), Week 3! Every contribution gets Sanji-kun one step closer to total recovery! One Piece women, with anyone, doing anything, anywhere. It's the perfect time to show off fashions on the Grand Line, or follow the characters as they run errands, go on vacations, get together with friends, tend to affairs of state, pursue a hobby or sport, or lounge about at home. What are all the girls up to these days? Sanji wants to know!

How's Sanji doing? In the latest chapter, he was able to look at Nami and Robin from a distance without breaking into a nosebleed. Progress! This week, Sanji will begin rigorous Physical Therapy. His boundaries must be pushed and his senses challenged if he wants to continue to improve. So bring on the tank tops, short shorts, miniskirts, and suggestive stiletto heels! What doesn't kill Sanji will only make him stronger.

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