December 24th, 2010

i made a small bet - one piece

Genderbender fic - Running Up That Hill (interlude)

Since I'm having a bit of writer's block with chapter five, I scrawled this out to see if it would help. All it did was give me ideas for everything but chapter five...

Anyway, have a Christmas interlude to celebrate Chopper's birthday.

Title: Running Up That Hill (interlude one)
Pairing: Zoro/Luffy, all around nakamaship
Prompt: 092. Christmas
Word Count: 2469
Rating: NC-17 overall, this part PG-13
Summary: Monkey D. Luffy is born a girl. Yet she has no intention of living like a helpless princess - Luffy swears to become Pirate King, and she'll do it disguised as a guy...just not for the reasons you may think. Fem!Luffy AU

Warning: High concentration of schmoop. Bring insulin. There's some naked and wet ZoLu as well, but even then it's just pure fluff.

"This is all for you. Happy birthday, Chopper!"

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