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One Piece Community!

Chapter 431!

Chapter 431!

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zoro spazz (fire_tears)
Wow, so here it finally is, Chapter 431!

Arlong Park downloads and discussion

Mangahelpers downloads

Because I love you guys that hard, chapter joined and cleaned by me:
DIRECT LINK: [One Piece 431 RAW (joined, cleaned)]

A few awesome awesome revelations here. While we wait for a full translation, here's something to tide you over:

Arlong Park chapter 431 spoiler (9 pics) and spoiler translation courtesy of NULL

edit: Colourspread join by me: [OP 431 Colour spread join direct link]

edit 2: There is now a translation! Full translation courtesy of kudou

  • Heh, I was reading through the thread with the pics yesterday, and it was all like fake fake maybe real maybe not fake probably fake not confirmed fake oooh more pics fake fake translation plz fake isn't that? w00t? OMG IT'S THAT HIM!??!!!?!!1
  • Wooo! :D

    Fantastic, as always. Downloading it now!! ♥
  • Haaaha! That chin - you simply cannot mistake about it!
    An interesting chapter n___________n
  • SO MUCH LOVE for this chapter (and for your join of the color spread - Robin is SO HOT!). Oda-sensei never stops throwing us those curves! WOOT!
    • In case you downloaded the colour spread more than a few minutes ago, I edited the join so that it's just about completely seamless now =)
      • Thanks for the heads-up. *snags new version* Wow. Nice job!

        Robin looks like she's having fun with that lion. *grins* I do so love Oda's color-spreads. *^_^*
  • Thank you! This is just what I have been waiting for... <3
  • took it thanks!!! XD
  • Chopper in a trucker hat...*snerk*.
  • OMG skimmed scans then read trans. OMFG.
    ZOMG what's going to happen now, Oda-sensei~!?
  • (no subject) - dissociate
  • ......Holy HOLY

    He even a matching scar on his left eye

    And that colourspread is totally my new desktop wallpaper now. Oh, Robin ♥ Oh, Chopper's oversized hat ♥♥♥

    Also, second page last panel. Are those hearts in that fanboy's eyes?

    This post gets so much love from me. Thanks for the links/uploads!
    • the one with the townsfolk yelling "sugee!! tayorinai sugiru!! galley-la kampai!!!" ? すげェ!!頼りないすぎる!!ガレーラカンパイ!!!(i'm no translator, but i think this is close to "OMG! But you guys are usually so unreliable! Go Galley La!") Nope. I DLed the HQ scan, they're just eye-popping and going OOO!!! in shock. The Galley-la doods in the panel next to that are just go 'Ryokai~!' and their eyes are too small to really see at all.
    • ah! i got a better scan, you meant page 2, FIRST panel maybe?
      in the first one there are women waving with hearts over their heads at him calling his name apparently. i saw it in Mr. Prince's scanlation.
  • Thank you so much for the spread!
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