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Speaking of speaking terms

Er, this is one of those I've-got-an-idea-but-I-can't-implement-it-myself posts. But I'm really just throwing this out there - I don't expect anyone to jump on it, but just possibly this might interest others than me.

I've been thinking that it would be rather nice to have some kind of resource page that describes the speaking patterns of all the Strawhats, including both what each of them call their crewmates and how the various crewmates refer to each of them. Maybe other prominent characters could be included as well. Could be simply an LJ entry to be memoried and recommended, for that matter.

edit as of July 2010: There is now an updated version of this post here.

I guess this would preferably be written by one or several people who would know Japanese well, with a feel for the nuances of the language - and who would have a very good knowledge of the One Piece manga in its original, of course. But I'm also thinking since people tend to pay extra attention to details concerning the characters they like the best, it might be something several people could co-operate on, for the sake of completeness and accuracy. Assuming anyone's interested.

Maybe titles and nicknames could be given not just in translation (which would be essential) but in the original Japanese as well, for extra info. And when a character changes his or her mode of addressing a crewmate, it would be extra neat if one could mention at which point the change takes place (manga chapter at least).

I'm thinking as a consequence of the set-up, a lot of the information would be presented twice: for instance, both the fact that Nami calls Sanji 'Sanji-kun' and that Sanji calls Nami 'Nami-san' would show up in the entries for Nami and Sanji. While this might be annoying for someone reading the whole thing through, it would make it easier just to look one character up when you need to.

Below, some very tentative examples for Luffy and Zoro just to show what I'm thinking of, possibly. Of course there would have to be a lot less hesitancy and a lot more knowledge in actual entries. edit: Added the rest of the crew. Note many matters of uncertainty. Comments very much welcome still!


What he calls his crewmates: Luffy calls everyone in his crew by their personal names only - no honorifics, titles, family names or nicknames.

General speaking style Very casual and unselfconscious, with a slight tough-guy slant to it (I think?); also a bit childlike. Frequently uses nicknames for people not in his crew - unclear if this is because he tends to forget people's names or if he just likes nicknames. (The translations I've seen tend to have him avoid the coarser type of swearwords, but I don't know how accurate that it.)

What his crewmates call him:

Robin: I'm not too sure about this, but my impression is that in the manga, Robin used to alternate between just 'Luffy' and 'Captain'('Sencho-san'), whereas anime Robin used to stick to just 'Captain'. These days I believe both versions just use 'Luffy'.

Franky: Strawhat('Mugiwara')

Brook & Vivi: Luffy-san/Mr Luffy
(Bit of a tangent: my own entirely personal impression is that "Mr" fits Brook rather well, as he seems like a rather English type of guy, but doesn't fit Vivi too well as applied to Luffy (or Usopp). Writers who prefer to eschew honorifics might consider showing Vivi's politeness in other ways.)
edit: Actually, maybe using "Master Luffy", "Master Zoro", "Lady Nami" etc would fit Brook's style even better (I've seen this used in RPG and it seems to work well.)

Everybody Else: Luffy. And, very occasionally, 'Captain'.


What he calls his crewmates: Zoro calls everyone but Sanji by their personal names only, no honorifics. He calls Sanji either just 'cook' or by a variety of insults/nicknames.

General speaking style Casual, fairly standard tough-guy talk in a non-exaggerated and often rather low-key way (or such is my impression). Occasionally lapses into more high-flown (samurai-like?) way of speech, especially at important moments in fights.

What his crewmates call him:

Sanji: Sometimes just Zoro, but more often a variety of insults/nicknames, the most common being 'Marimo'. The latter is strictly speaking untranslatable, but 'Mosshead' is a frequent English substitution. 'Algae-head' also seems not too uncommon.

Robin: Kenshi-san/Swordsman-san/Mr Swordsman until Thriller Bark; Zoro from Thriller Bark on

Franky: Looking at Thriller Bark alone, Franky refers to Zoro as 'Harimaki-guy' in chapter 467 (during the fight with Ryuma) and as just plain 'Zoro' in chapter 472. More examples much appreciated! ^_^

Brook: Zoro-san/Mr. Zoro or Master Zoro
Vivi: Mr Bushido
Everybody Else: Zoro


What she calls her crewmates: Sanji is "Sanji-kun". Everyone else is referred to by their first names, sans honorifics. Occasionally calls Usopp "Longnose" when she's pissed off at him.

General speaking style My impression is that she tends to be casual but feminine within the crew, more polite (but not really formal) with outsiders that aren't enemies. (Those who know Japanese are welcome to correct me on this.)

What her crewmates call her:

Sanji: Nami-san
Robin: used to be Kōkaishi-san/Navigator-san/Miss Navigator, but from Thriller Bark on she seems to address her with just plain "Nami" and refer to her as "Nami-chan" (however, examples are few as Robin often seems to avoid calling people by anything at all).
Franky: Girlie or Chick ("Nee-chan") (Note that Nami doesn't like this)
Brook: Nami-san/Miss Nami or Lady Nami
Vivi: Nami-san/Miss Nami (but see the remark above re Luffy that Vivi's politeness can be shown in other ways)
Everybody Else: Nami

Usopp/Sogeking (copied from my comment below, with some changes)

What he calls his crewmates: Usopp normally calls all his crewmates by first name only, no titles, nicknames or honorifics. Very occasionally he'll use -kun to Sanji and Zoro, when trying to wheedle them into doing something for him (and possibly making fun of them - at least I think he's done that with Sanji once, but I could be wrong).

Sogeking seems to add a -kun to everyone's first name, including Robin and Franky. At least I think I've seen it for everyone except Nami and Brook (who he hasn't addressed by name yet). Possibly in this one instance "[Person's name]-kun" can be rendered as "young [Person's name]" without being wrong for the speaking style.

General speaking style Very casual; appears close to Luffy's speaking style though I think with less occasional childish terms. (I'm not sure if it's canon or only due to fanfics that makes me think he swears somewhat less than Zoro (and a lot less than Sanji ;) but slightly more than Luffy - maybe this is entirely wrong.) Compared to Luffy, Usopp seems to use nicknames a lot less often for people outside the crew, but still does so now and then (or maybe that's more insults than nicknames). Apparently calling yourself '-sama' as Usopp does with 'Captain Usopp-sama' (Great Captain Usopp) is considered very rude.

Occasionally Usopp will use titles/honorifics for people who he's come to respect: he calls the giant Brogy "Master Brogy" and Montblanc Cricket "Boss" or "Pops" (the same thing Masira and Shoujou calls Cricket). This seems rare, though.

Sogeking appears to me to speak in the formal, somewhat pompous style of an old-fashioned adventure hero. He's supposed to be a homage to 70s style sentai TV shows, if I understand it right. Generally quite polite except the way he calls everyone "-kun" seems to imply everyone else is younger than him.

What his crewmates call him:

Luffy, Zoro and Chopper: Usopp
Sanji and Nami occasionally call him 'Longnose' when they're annoyed with him, but usually just 'Usopp'.
Robin: Longnose-kun/Longnose ("Nagahana-kun") until Thriller Bark; Usopp from the end of chapter 457 on.
Franky: Longnose ("Nagappana") until Thriller Bark; Usopp from chapter 475
Brook & Vivi: Usopp-san/Mr. Usopp (Brook's address might perhaps also be rendered as "Master Usopp")

As for Sogeking, see hsiuism's comments below, with the caveat that no-one in the crew has addressed Sogeking at all since Enies Lobby, and might not react the same way to him later on as they did back in the arc.


What he calls his crewmates: Nami is "Nami-san", while Robin and Vivi get the "-chan" at the end that Sanji customarily gives any pretty lady he encounters. He often changes the pronunciation into the cutesy, overly affectionate "Nami-swan" and "Robin-chwan", etc.

Zoro is sometimes just called by name, but more Sanji uses a variety of insults/nicknames, the most common being 'Marimo'. The latter is strictly speaking untranslatable, but 'Mosshead' is a frequent English substitution. In fics, I've seen "shithead" used fairly often, but I'm not sure what Japanese word this is (maybe "kusoyarou"?) or if it's frequent in canon as well. Sanji has also used "Zoro-kun" at least twice (Sea Train and Sabaody), both times apparently with the intention of mocking widdle Zoro. ;p

General speaking style Foul-mouthed tough-guy talk most of the time, with very frequent use of "kuso" (="shit/shitty", although note the word can be a lot less harsh in Japanese). When addressing pretty ladies, he's usually quite admiring, affectionate and deferential, but note that he doesn't avoid foul language when talking to them, either. No 'protecting their delicate ears' for him. Also note that he can be quite serious when talking to Nami, Robin and other ladies as well, when he feels the situation calls for it.

I'm not really sure how Sanji will usually address women he doesn't find attractive. I think, but I'm not sure, that he uses "Baa-san" for Dr. Kureha (who doesn't like it) and "Kokoro-baasan" for Kokoro, who doesn't seem to care. I think the first would probably be "Old lady" in English, while the second is hard to convey - maybe "old lady Kokoro" if he's referring to her when speaking to others. I didn't notice him addressing Captain Lola with anything. Corrections and additional info on this point much welcome.

See hsiuism's comments below for more remarks on how Sanji speaks, or check out this great essay-length post by the same author which explores this aspect as well as many others when it comes to Sanji.

What his crewmates call him:

Luffy, Chopper and most-of-the-time-Usopp: Sanji

Zoro: practically never addresses Sanji by name: the one exception may be when he used "Sanji-kun" in order to mock Sanji during the Davy Back fight (he seems to have been "imitating" Nami). Most of the time he uses either just "cook" (same in Japanese, as a loanword from English) or a variety of insults/nicknames, like "eyebrow", "Dartboard", "Ero-cook", etc.

Nami: Sanji-kun

Usopp: very very occasionally 'Sanji-kun', usually when trying to wheedle Sanji into doing something. But overwhelmingly just plain Sanji.

Robin: used to be Cook-san/Mr Cook (like Zoro, using the loanword 'cook' in the original) up through the end of Enies Lobby. Now it's likely to be just 'Sanji', but I honestly don't remember seeing her use that anywhere in canon.

Franky: Curly cook, Curly-brow cook, Swirly cook, Swirly, Eyebrow-bro
Brook & Vivi: Sanji-san/Mr. Sanji/Master Sanji


What he calls his crewmates:
Chopper calls everyone by their first name only, no titles, family names or honorifics.

General speaking style Much like Luffy's and Usopp's, casual with a tough-guy slant to it. Coarser when he's angry or trying to cover up being happy over a compliment. (Note that in the original, Chopper uses the tougher first personal pronoun ore like all the other guys in the crew except Brook, rather than the milder/younger boku.)

What his crewmates call him:

Robin: I think it used to be Sen'i-san, which translates as Shipdoctor-san or Mr. Shipdoctor (Dr. Shipdoctor? Sounds redundant...). I've got only one source for this, though. From Thriller Bark onwards, she simply calls him "Chopper", starting with the end of chapter 457.

Franky: Reindeer-gorilla

Brook: Chopper-san/Mr. Chopper/Master Chopper

Vivi: Tony-kun (from his full name Tonytony Chopper)


What she calls her crewmates:

First, note that Robin rarely uses terms of address at all. That being said, up until and through Enies Lobby, these were her terms when she did use them:

Luffy: in the manga, sometimes Luffy, sometimes Captain ('Sencho-san'). In the anime, generally just the latter.
Zoro: Kenshi-san/Swordsman-san/Mr Swordsman until Thriller Bark
Nami: Kōkaishi-san/Navigator-san/Miss Navigator
Usopp:Longnose-kun/Longnose ("Nagahana-kun") until Thriller Bark; Usopp from the end of chapter 457 on.
Sani: Cook-san up through Enies Lobby. Seems likely to have changed by now to just plain Sanji, though I can't recall seeing her use either term in Thriller Bark or Sabaody.
Chopper: Sen'i-san/Shipdoctor-san/Mr. Shipdoctor
Franky: Franky
(Vivi: Miss Wednesday - of course, this is a special case)

From Thriller Bark on, she's used plain first names whenever she's addressed anyone by an appellation at all. I'm not sure about Brook, however.

Note also that she calls Nami just Nami when talking to her, but has used Nami-chan when referring to Nami in conversation with others in the crew.

General speaking style

Formal, classy, ladylike; polite not so much in an accommodating way but to keep her distance (and/or just out of habit). Very dead-pan and given to understatements. For more on Robin's speaking style and how it differs from Nami's, see this comment.

What her crewmates call her:

Sanji: Robin-chan
Franky: Nico Robin, at least before chapter 500 where he used plain "Robin"
Brook: Robin-san/Miss Robin or Lady Robin
(Vivi: Miss Allsunday - again, special case)
Everybody Else: Robin


What he calls his crewmates:
Luffy: Strawhat ('Mugiwara')
Zoro: Haramaki-guy, Zoro
Nami: Girlie (or 'Chick') (='Neechan'), though Nami doesn't like it
Usopp: Until Thriller Bark, Longnose ('Nagappana' - a more casual, tougher version than the 'Nagahana' of Robin's earlier usage). Usopp from chapter 475 on
Sanji: Eyebrow-bro, Curly cook, Curly-brow cook, Swirly cook, Swirly
Chopper: Reindeer-gorilla
Robin: Nico Robin throughout Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark. However, in Sabaody he used just "Robin" in chapter 500. Maybe this signals a switch.
Brook: Skeleton

General speaking style
Very casual in a tough, gangsterlike, American-influenced way. Likes to refer to people he's close to as his "(little) bros" or "sisters". Seldom addresses people with actual names, but frequently uses nicknames. Fond of the word "super" and expressing his condition in terms of weeks, e.g. "You guys got no hope of defeating me, especially this week!", or, conversely, "Damn it, I'm just not good for anything this week!".

What his crewmates call him:

Brook: Franky-san/Mr Franky or Master Franky

Everybody Else: Franky

(although Chopper has called him "Aniki" at least once. Translates to 'big brother', but often used in gangs towards gang leaders, and it's how the Franky Family refers to Franky)


What he calls his crewmates:

Brook calls everyone by their first names plus -san in the original. This can perhaps be translated to "Mr. Luffy", "Miss Nami" etc. Or maybe to "Master Luffy", "Lady Nami" for an even more polite, archaic style.

General speaking style

Very old-fashioned and polished in form, even when the things he says are actually, in content, quite rude. Brook's so polite he even apologises to his enemies as he attacks them. Alone among the male strawhats, he uses the neutral-formal personal pronoun "watashi" rather than the tough-male "ore" to refer to himself. (See this comment for more on Brook.)

What his crewmates call him:

Franky: Skeleton
Everybody Else: Brook*

*possibly with the exception of Robin, as I haven't managed to see her calling him by any appellation at all.


What she calls her crewmates:

Zoro: Mr. Bushido
Chopper: Tony-kun (from his full name Tonytony Chopper)
Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Sanji: First name + san

Vivi's never met Franky or Brook, and she only used to know Robin under her Baroque Works name Miss Allsunday. Now she knows Robin's name, but has had no opportunity to address her.

General speaking style

Polite, neutral-feminine, generally friendly and accommodating.

What her crewmates call her:

Sanji: Vivi-chan
Robin: Miss Wednesday (special case)
Everybody Else*: Vivi

*except Franky and Brook

Or maybe it could be presented in another way - whatever seems easiest to follow.

If there already is some other web page out there with all this information gathered in one place, I haven't seen it, but would of course be happy to find it. In that case, sorry to bother you. ;)

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