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One Piece Community!

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One Piece
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Welcome to the One Piece community! Here you can discuss and talk about the wonderful Manga/Anime that is known as One Piece. Just don't trip on your way in! hehe ^.^

Let it be known that anything about One Piece can be discussed.

HOWEVER, there is to be NO Flaming, threats or stupid posts.

Some rules to go by:
-All images posted must be 500x500 pixels or LESS.
-Anything larger MUST BE PUT UNDER LJ-CUT!
--In posts with MORE THAN 1 PICTURE: You may EITHER Post 1 Picture openly (must be 500x500 pixels OR LESS), then place the rest UNDER LJ-CUT OR ALL Must be placed under LJ-Cut.

LJ-Cut: <.lj-cut text="something goes here".> <./lj-cut.> (Minus ".")

-It's highly suggested that any INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (I.E.: Scanlations, translations, artwork, photos, etc) should be posted in "FRIENDS-ONLY" mode. It makes it less likely that your work will be stolen.

-Anything that contains SPOILERS to be placed under LJ-CUT.

-When a cosplay thread is posted, please try not to make rude and inconsiderate remarks. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUES are more welcomed. To put it shortly, don't make, "Your fat/ugly/that sucks/etc" remarks. That stuff should stay in 4chan.

-More to put in here when thought of ^_^;

moderators are: rinkun and ginnyseta

Enjoy your stay! :D

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